Who We Are

Dream Foundry Board

President: Jessica Eanes / Anaea Lay

Jessica Eanes, also known as Anaea Lay, lives in Chicago, Illinois, where she engages in a numinous love affair with the city. She’s the fiction podcast editor for Strange Horizons, and has had her short fiction published in a variety of venues including Lightspeed, Apex, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, and Pod Castle. When she works for money she has sold real estate, wrangled IT as a PM, and currently talks people into setting appointments where there is no tea. She drinks too much tea. For fun she reads, cooks, eats, plays board games, interrogates people about the logistics of their chosen field, and forms intricate business plans over brunch.

Secretary: Cislyn Smith

Cislyn Smith is a poet and short story writer who calls Madison, Wisconsin home. Her wordy work has appeared in Flash Fiction Online, Strange Horizons, and the Best of Electric Velocipede. When she’s not helping to wrangle Dream Foundry things, she has been known to crochet tentacles, write stories at odd hours, play ridiculous numbers of games, make lots of lists, and study stone dead languages. She is occasionally dismayed by the lack of secret passages in her house. She lives with the amazingly photogenic kitties that appear in the Dream Foundry newsletter, and also some nice humans.

Chief Compliance Officer: Deanna Rymaszewski

Deanna Rymaszewski is a social worker from Madison, Wisconsin. She has worked in many different nonprofits and has a strong interest in various areas of nonprofit management, especially regulatory compliance. When she’s not getting excited by regulations and paperwork, she spends her time volunteering at the local wildlife rehabilitation center, petting her pets (2 cats, 1 dog, 1 snake), playing board games, watching reruns of old shows, and starting, but not always finishing, craft projects. She is proud of the fact that due to her wildlife work, she has more than one story that starts with “I was wrestling with a raptor…”

Social Media Manager: Coral Alejandra Moore

Coral Alejandra Moore has always been the kind of girl who makes up stories. Fortunately, she never quite grew out of that. She writes because she loves to invent characters and the desire to find out what happens to her creations drives her tales. She is a 2013 alum of the Viable Paradise writer’s workshop and she has been published by Diabolical Plots, Zombies Need Brains, and Secrets of the Goat People. Currently she lives in the beautiful state of Washington with the love of her life and a dangerously smart Catahoula Leopard Dog where she rides motorcycles, raises chickens, and drinks all the coffee.

Treasurer: Evergreen Lee

Evergreen Lee prefers the speculative world to reality. Her too many hobbies include gaming, spoiling cats, tie-dyeing everything, and searching for unicorns. Her short fiction has appeared at Daily Science Fiction and Factor Four and been translated into Vietnamese. She very occasionally blogs at evergreenlee.com.

Dream Foundry Staff

Content Co-Manager: Jen Grogan

Jen Grogan is a writer, editor, web content specialist, and nonprofit administrator based out of Seattle, where she lives with her husband, two loud but adorable cats, and too many books. She’s written for Women Write About Comics and a few other online venues, but has not yet convinced herself to call any of her fiction manuscripts complete. As an editor, she encourages others to do as she says, not as she does. In her free time she enjoys knitting, hiking, calligraphy, leading school tours for the Seattle Art Museum, and traveling to find new places to hike and new museums to visit.

Content Co-Manager: Langley Hyde

Langley Hyde’s short stories have appeared in If This Goes On, Unidentified Objects (vol. 6 &7), Podcastle, and Terraform. Her debut novel, Highfell Grimoires, was named a Best Book of 2014 in SF/Fantasy/Horror by Publishers Weekly. She also volunteers her time at sub-Q magazine. Currently, Langley Hyde lives in the Pacific Northwest along with her partner and two children.

Contest Coordinator: Sara Felix

Sara Felix is a mixed-media artist working in inks and resins whose art can be seen at various conventions throughout the country every year. She is the president of ASFA (the Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists), which gives out the Chesley Award, one of the premier genre awards for artists. She has curated numerous art displays, including the Infinite Worlds gallery show in 2018 as well as art panels at conventions for several ASFA artists. She lives and works in Austin, Texas.

Contest Coordinator: William Ledbetter

William Ledbetter is a Nebula Award winning author with more than sixty speculative fiction stories and non-fiction articles published in markets such as Asimov’s, Fantasy & Science Fiction, Analog, Escape Pod, Baen.com, Daily SF, the SFWA blog, and Ad Astra. His new novel “Level Five” is available from Audible Originals.
He’s been a space and technology geek since childhood and spent most of his non-writing career in the aerospace industry. He has administered the Jim Baen Memorial Short Story Award contest for Baen Books and the National Space Society for twelve years, is a member of SFWA, the National Space Society of North Texas, and is the Science Track coordinator for the Fencon convention. He lives near Dallas with his wife, a needy dog and two spoiled cats.

Copyeditor: Kelley Frodel

Kelley Frodel is a freelance editor and fiction writer, with a focus on science fiction, fantasy, and young adult novels. Her current WIP is a superhero romance story set in her hometown of Seattle. When she’s not drowning in books at various stages of development (and even sometimes when she is), she enjoys exploring new places, drinking all the coffee, and trying her best at aerial silk.

Copyeditor: April French

April French, also known as A.F. Linley, was born in Connecticut and raised in New York’s Capital District. She is a long-time proofreader and copy editor, and a casual writer of various types of fiction (including government copy). She wrote her first story when she was nine and decided to pursue writing as a career when some well-meaning but foolish elementary school teacher assured her that she could make a living at this. She lives with her partner near Saratoga, New York, where she spends her free time reading and recreating medieval recipes, and is frequently mistaken for a competent adult.

IT Manager: Cliff Stanford

No bio available

Logo Design: Autumn Evelyn

Autumn Evelyn is a professional illustrator, painter, and designer from Philadelphia, PA.  She’s a BFA graduate of the University of the Arts, where she studied illustration and animation.  Her style applies surreal imagery to convey thematic resonance.  She brings to life images the camera could never capture.

Webmaster: Stewart C Baker

Stewart C Baker is an academic librarian, speculative fiction writer and poet, and the editor-in-chief of sub-Q Magazine. His fiction has appeared in Nature, Galaxy’s Edge, and Flash Fiction Online, among other places. Stewart was born in England, has lived in South Carolina, Japan, and California (in that order), and currently resides in Oregon with his family­­—although if anyone asks, he’ll usually say he’s from the Internet.