A colorful painted background. In the foreground in yellow yext between two white lines: The Great Summer Stretch 2023

Are you ready for a challenge? Every year Dream Foundry runs The Summer Stretch, a program designed to stretch your creative limits. If you’ve been thinking about a creative project – in any medium! – and would like some support around planning and carrying out your big idea, join us! Try something difficult, make a plan, and whether you succeed or fail at your goal you’ll have stretched yourself and learned more about your limits.

The challenge will run from July 1-31st, but if you want to adjust those dates for your personal purposes, that’s okay!

You’ll also be able to get support and accountability in the #summer-stretch channel on the Dream Foundry Discord. If you aren’t on the Dream Foundry Discord server yet, you can join here: discord.gg/dreamfoundry