A Conference for You, By You

August 10, 2024

And UnConference for Creatives of Color and their allies

An uncoference does away with top-down programming and builds its events out of what the attendees want and need. Register to attend, then share what you want and we’ll make it happen. We’ll also have keynote speeches, and a crowdfunding workshop offered by Seed & Spark.  Attend for ten hours of discussion, connection, and presentations from the comfort of your home (or wherever you want to be.

◊ Facilitated discussions on topics the participants want. Opportunities to share expertise, insights, and experience. Presentations from participants.

◊ With small topic-based breakout sessions, interest group meetings, and opportunities to share your work, The Anvil is the perfect place to meet a cohort of industry peers who will get it. Come together to share experiences, advice, and the resources we all need to thrive in an industry in flux.

◊ Share your work and see what your peers are working on. Indulge in opportunities to learn from quick presentations by your colleagues, and celebrate the creativity and craft surrounding us.


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Ember-level sponsorship is ideal for individuals and very small businesses that want to support the event. They will receive recognition on the sponsorship page, with display of their logo and a short bio or business description and links to their website or social media presence. 

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Flame-level sponsorship is ideal for small to medium sized businesses. In addition to the recognition provided to Ember-level sponsors, Flame sponsors will receive a call out and direct links through our social media channels.

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Forge-level sponsorship is ideal for medium to large businesses that want to make a clear statement of support for the event and the community it serves. In addition to the recognition given to Ember and Flame level sponsors, promotional material for Forge-level sponsors will be included in event newsletters. 

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Fiscal Partner ($5000+)

Fiscal partners are making a foundational investment in the event and its success. Their logo will be displayed along with the Dream Foundry and Con or Bust logos wherever they appear in material related to the event.

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