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Field Collapse

Field Collapse is an experimental instrument builder and composer for film, television, and podcasts. His work regularly appears in Simultaneous Times podcast, as well as television shows such as Altered Carbon, Mythbusters, and the White Rabbit Project. When not working on production music he can be found recording and touring with the experimental ambient group Less Bells. He is also the co-owner of Audiobrat Production Music, a provider of library music.

Nilah Magruder

Nilah Magruder is based in Western Maryland. She is the author of M.F.K., a middle-grade graphic novel and winner of the Dwayne McDuffie Award for Diversity, and How to Find a Fox, a picture book. She has published short stories in Fireside Magazine and the anthology All Out: The No-Longer-Secret Stories of Queer Teens throughout the Ages. Nilah has also written for Marvel Comics, illustrated children’s books for Disney-Hyperion, Scholastic, and Penguin, and worked as a writer and storyboard artist in television animation. She is currently illustrating Creaky Acres, a middle-grade graphic novel about horseback riding. When she is not working, Nilah is watching movies, growing herbs, and fighting her cat for control of her desk chair.


RedBlueBlackSilver is a film and podcast/radio composer based in the Mojave Desert. He is a regular contributor to Desert Oracle Radio and Simultaneous Times podcast. As well as composing multiple podcast episodes each month he is also the composer for the films Hunt for the Skinwalker and Bob Lazar: Area 51 and Flying Saucers, he also regularly scores silent films for amazing live shows. For a time he also hosted his own podcast: SciFi Music with RedBlueBlackSilver.

Robyn Warren, M.S. Ed.

Robyn Warren, M.S. Ed. (B.S. in Physical Education, M.S. Ed. in Health Education, NY State certified teacher, Accredited Xpert Pole Instructor, and ACE certified Health Coach) is the founder of Geek Girl Strong (GGS) a wellness community for those seeking a fun and inclusive holistic health coaching experience. GGS clients and classes include folks who are beginning their wellness journey or are just in need of a supportive boost, and have a common interest in all things geeky.

Jean-Paul L. Garnier

Jean-Paul L. Garnier lives and writes in Joshua Tree, CA where he is the owner of Space Cowboy Books, a science fiction bookstore, independent publisher, and producer of Simultaneous Times podcast. In 2020 his first novella Garbage In, Gospel Out was released by Space Cowboy Books and in 2018 Traveling Shoes Press released Echo of Creation, a collection of his science fiction short stories. He has also released several collections of poetry: In Iudicio (Cholla Needles Press 2017), Future Anthropology (currently being translated into Portuguese), and Odes to Scientists (audiobook - Space Cowboy Books 2019). He is a two time Elgin Nominee and also appeared in the 2020 Dwarf Stars anthology. His new collection of SF poetry, Betelgeuse Dimming has just been released and is available as a free download audiobook / ebook at He is also a regular contributor for Canada’s Warp Speed Odyssey blog. His short stories, poetry, and essays have appeared in many anthologies and webzines.

Hasani Claxton

Hasani Claxton is a visual artist, author and educator from St. Kitts, West Indies. His love of art began in the first grade, but he did not initially pursue an art career. He studied Business Management at Morehouse College (1999) and Law at Columbia University (2003). While serving as an Assistant District Attorney in the Bronx, he began taking evening classes at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. In 2005, he decided to pursue his passion full time and enrolled in Academy of Art University in San Francisco, receiving a BFA in Illustration in 2009 and an MFA in Studio Art from Towson University in 2017.  He currently teaches visual arts at Bowie State University and resides in Baltimore, MD.

His artwork has been exhibited in the United States, UK, and the Caribbean, including the National Gallery of Jamaica. He made’s “Best of 2014” list and his work has appeared in Spectrum (Contemporary Fantastic Art Annual) and Creative Quarterly.

Rhea Ewing

Rhea Ewing is a fine artist and graphic novelist. Rhea Ewing calls upon personal and political themes of queer identity, finding connections to the natural world, and building safe spaces for all people. The value of art, by their reasoning, is the ability to create connections, question assumptions, and inspire others to do the same. Rhea currently lives and works in California, taking inspiration from the state’s diverse landscapes for their work. they/them/theirs pronouns

Coral Moore

Coral Alejandra Moore has always been the kind of girl who makes up stories. Fortunately, she never quite grew out of that. She writes because she loves to invent characters and the desire to find out what happens to her creations drives her tales. She is a 2013 alum of the Viable Paradise writer’s workshop and she has been published by Diabolical Plots, Zombies Need Brains, and Secrets of the Goat People. Currently she lives in the beautiful state of Washington with the love of her life and a dangerously smart Catahoula Leopard Dog where she rides motorcycles, raises chickens, and drinks all the coffee.

David Steffen

David Steffen is a writer, editor, and publisher. He edits Diabolical Plots and runs The Submission Grinder, a tool for writers, and he is the publisher of the Long List Anthology. You can find his fiction at venues like Escape Pod, Daily Science Fiction, and AE. David suspects that he is the only person who reads author biographies all the way to the end but he is being a sport and writing all the words.

Alexei Collier

Alexei Collier was born in sunny Southern California, grew up in a house his family moved into on his very first Halloween, and went to school in a creepy old mansion. Many years later, powerful forces flung him deep into the heart of the Midwest, where he now lives across the street from Chicago with his wife and their cat. His short fiction has appeared in Flash Fiction OnlineCosmic Roots & Eldritch ShoresCicada, and Ideomancer. You can find out more about Alexei at his oft-neglected website,