Let's END 2021

It's time for an end of year fundraiser that ENDS the year.

Yes, that's right. If we meet our fundraising goal by December 31, Dream Foundry promises that 2021 will cease to be! Bereft of life, it will rest in peace (and in pieces). It will be pushing up the daisies. In short: it will be an ex-annum!

A bold claim, we know. But we believe we can deliver. And if we reach our stretch goals, we'll even end 2020, as a treat.

Every $5 burns two hours of 2021. As we all know, a handful of hours stretches on for a whole day so destroying in bulk is to your advantage. Just $10 will destroy a day, and if you go above that, you start getting goodies, too!

$5+ : Destroy two hours and get listed as somebody who contributed to ending 2021.
$10+ : Destroy a whole day!
$30+ : Take out two more days, and get a sticker and bookmark to commemorate the occasion.
$50+ : You are truly a force of destruction. Two more days are gone (that's five total you're destroying) and we'll add a notebook to your commemorative loot.
$100+ : You'll need something to carry all that loot and the ashes of ten destroyed days. You'll get a sticker, notebook, bookmark and a totebag and everyone will know you did your part to end the year!


Choose your amount and let's end these days! Your donations to Dream Foundry won't just end 2021: they'll be put to use making 2022 better.

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This information will die with 2021. (In other words, we aren't sharing it.)
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