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Donors to the End the Year campaign assert that they understand that Dream Foundry does not have the power to affect contracts, tea dates, or other obligations tied to the progress of time and cannot be held responsible for actions you take based on the potential outcome of this campaign.

You further agree that any physical items you receive as a part of this campaign is a thank you gift only, acknowledging your support of Dream Foundry, its programs and our vendetta against 2021. This is not a transaction, purchase of goods, or other exchange which might be subject to taxes or regulation.

Finally, if you are not a resident of the United States, you are braced for the fact that shipping costs are expensive and trying to stay on top of changes to international shipping rates is more than we, Dream Foundry, can really cope with twenty years in to 2020. We will destroy time for you. We will burn days of the calendar for you. We’re not shipping you loot. (Unless that makes you very sad, in which case, email us at leaders at dreamfoundry dot org and we’ll figure something out. No sadness, only fire.)