Dream Foundry Seminar Series

The Dream Foundry Seminar Series brings exciting workshops, lectures, and seminars from a variety of industry pros to a platform where you can reach them.  Like all our programming, there’s no cost to register.  Check out the upcoming seminars below.

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Date: December 3, 2022. 3:00 PM CST

Goals. Metrics. Review cycles. Targets. Business planning and goal setting is full of buzzwords and jargon. It’s also full of people who offer One True Strategy for success. The fact is that there is no guaranteed strategy for success. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a plan! 

Join Dream Foundry’s Jessica Eanes for a workshop that will help you identify good goals for you to set and work out a plan that works for you for achieving them. A mix of concept instruction and hands-on application, you’ll leave the session with a foundation for directing yourself where you want to go.

It will be helpful if you come prepared with an idea of what you want to achieve or make a plan for. If you don’t know how to frame it or phrase it, that’s ok! We’ll work on that together. It will also be useful if you think about structure and planning techniques that you’ve tried in the past and why they did, or didn’t, work for you.

Jessica Eanes is a project manager and business consultant who loves making elaborate plans almost as much as she loves abandoning them in favor of chaos. She writes under a different name, cooks in a galley kitchen that’s never seen a boat, and constantly interrogates her pet lovebird about the provenance of her improbable cuteness. She’s the Executive Director of Dream Foundry where she also makes plans, but gets interrupted by chaos before she can abandon them. You can hang out with her on the Dream Foundry Discord, or find her writer-self on twitter @anaealay.