Dream Foundry Seminar Series

The Dream Foundry Seminar Series brings exciting workshops, lectures, and seminars from a variety of industry pros to a platform where you can reach them.  Like all our programming, there’s no cost to register.  Check out the upcoming seminars below.

If we wanted to be actors, we wouldn’t have chosen a line of work that mostly involves sitting alone at the computer talking to the imaginary people in our heads. Yet writers are often asked to read their work out loud, often without much guidance about the skills involved. In these videos and essays, fantasy author Marie Brennan will take you through every aspect of reading aloud, from selecting and preparing your text through the various aspects of performance.

Not every project is a good project for you, and not every opportunity is one you need. Often it’s hard to be confident about turning down work, especially if you don’t already have more than you can handle. Even when you are confident, it can be hard to know how to turn it down without jeopardizing the potential for future work.

This seminar will feature a presentation with guidelines for evaluating potential work and assessing it in terms of your capacity and goals. There will be interactive examples attendees will work through. At the end, there will a collaborative Q&A where attendees bring scenarios, real or hypothetical, to develop approaches and responses.

Only the presentation portion of the seminar will be released after the live event. Real time attendance is strongly encouraged.