Dream Foundry Contest Rules

The Dream Foundry contests for beginning professionals are back and better!

The contest coordinators will be responsible for selecting ten finalists from all valid submissions received during that time, and the judges will select winners for first, second, and third prize from the finalists.

This year, the prizes for contestants will be:

1st: $1000

2nd: $500

3rd: $200

There is no submission fee. All rights remain with the creators.  There are no age restrictions on entry.

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Check out the following for the specific dates and guidelines for each contest

Art Contest Guidelines

Coming soon!

This year we are happy to introduce the Monu Bose Memorial prize for art.  This is a $1000 prize awarded to the first place winner of the art contest.  (This is the source of the first place prize, not in addition to it.)

The Prize is established in fond memory of Monu Bose by her children, Rupa Bose and Gautam Bose. Monu Bose was a lover of art of all kinds, and a graduate of Lucknow University and the College of Arts and Crafts. This Prize is to honor the legacy she opened up for us.​


Writing Contest Guidelines

Submissions for the contests will open on August 10, 2020 and close on October 11, 2020.


This contest is for writers who are relatively new to paid or incoming-earning publication of speculative short fiction in English. To be eligible for this contest, all three rules below must be true of you:

  • You have published a total of less than 4,000 words of paid or income-earning speculative fiction in English.
  • You have earned a total of less than USD 320 from those words.
  • You have never been nominated for any award listed here as a major award in speculative fiction.
Please note that you are on the honour system for judging your own eligibility. However, we may disqualify any entrants in order to uphold the spirit of this contest’s goals; such determinations of eligibility are decided by the Dream Foundry and are not open to debate or argument.


Submit one complete and finalized story of up to 10,000 words via our submission manager.

All entries are final. No revisions are accepted.

No multiple submissions (do not send more than one story.)

Your submission must be previously unpublished at the time of submission, but simultaneous submissions (submitting the story to us while also submitting elsewhere) is allowed.

Entries can be from any country.

All entries must be original prose works in English. Plagiarism, poetry, song lyrics, or stories that utilize characters or settings from another person’s works will not be considered.

The manuscript should be in standard manuscript format and should be titled and numbered on every page, but the author’s name MUST BE DELETED from the manuscript file to facilitate fair judging.

Please Don’t Send

Don’t send stories without a speculative element (mainstream, contemporary, romance, westerns, historical fiction etc.)

Sexual and adult themed stories are allowed, but don’t send erotica or stories including any kind of sexual violence (as defined by our readers/judges)

Don’t send novels or non-standalone novel excerpts, screenplays, poetry, non-fiction or works written for children.


Send all questions to writer.contest at dreamfoundry dot org