Blog Contributor Guidelines

Dream Foundry’s blog is a key component of the archive of current, useful resources for creatives beginning their professional careers in the speculative arts. We’re looking for content that’s useful for craft, business, and life for everyone across the industry including writers, artists, podcasters, game creators, comics artists and authors, and more. 

Subjects / Themes

The Dream Foundry features interviews and essays from artists/illustrators, writers, podcasters, games creators, screen writers, graphic novelists/comic book creators, editors, and more. Indie, small press, freelance/for-hire, and trad or in-house perspectives are welcome.

The Dream Foundry seeks content in the following areas:

  • How-to: anything that gets into the nitty gritty details of how to hack it in your field as a professional creator; this can include mechanical topics such as Photoshop or Scrivener tutorials, personal/professional time management and life tips, community development and networking dos and don’ts, warnings, how to read contracts, and discussions of creation/artistry.
  • Reflections/op-eds: more feeling-based columns that dive into creators’ experiences, explore their passions, or provide commentary on the field.
  • Industry happenings: columns that address the historical backgrounds of current events and why it is important for those new in the field to be apprised.

Currently, the Dream Foundry is actively seeking content from artists, games creators, and graphic novelists/comic book creators.

General Guidelines

Word counts: Columns run at approximately 750 words; this is neither a firm maximum or minimum, but a rough guideline. Please query for longer works or a column that would be serialized.

Rights: Creators retain all rights and can reuse, repurpose, etc., content as desired. A sample of the contract is available here.

Pay Rate: $60/post.

Format: Please send files in .doc or .docx, which are preferred, although .rtf is also acceptable. Please do not send .pdf attachments or similar formats. 

Reprints: Yes, reprints and simultaneous submissions are accepted. If the submission is simultaneous, please inform us if it is accepted elsewhere.

Submit: General submissions should be emailed to and can be addressed to the editor, Ashley Deng (no preferred pronouns). The subject line should read: Submission: [Title or Topic]. A brief bio is preferred. Pitches may be sent to the same address and subject lines should read: Pitch: [Topic]. 

Our Approach

Diversity and inclusivity: We actively seek submissions from creators from underrepresented groups in all mediums in the speculative arts. Topics and articles that engage with intersectionality, structural challenges, or bring light to erased or neglected creators and works are wanted.

Dream Foundry’s mission is to support beginning professionals, and create a nurturing environment where they can learn and grow. The tone and approach of our content reflects this mission. This does not mean ignoring or downplaying problems and obstacles.  On the contrary, frank discussion of these topics, especially if it comes with advice or perspective on how to plan for or deal with them, is both appropriate and desired.