We're Turning 5!

Can you believe it’s been five years? We’re so proud of everything we’ve done and achieved in that time. And we have big plans for the next five years! Join us in a five week celebration of our progress so far, and a snazzy fundraiser to lay the foundations of the work we want to do with our next five.

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From Community to Advocacy

Our first five years have focused primarily on directly supporting creatives. From our contests for emerging artists and writers to Flights of foundry, our global and massively accessible virtual convention for creatives, to Con or Bust, a program that makes direct grants to people of color seeking to attend conventions, workshops, or other industry or professional development events, we provide a variety of resources for a variety of folks in the early stages of their professional careers.

But the fact is that creatives are undervalued by the industry, and there’s only so much we can do by supporting creatives directly. We need strong advocates for change, and an organization that will work as a force for change. Making a sustainable living off our work shouldn’t be a rarity in an industry that’s more popular and profitable than ever! Our goal for the next five years is to become a weighty advocate for the changes necessary to bring what “should” be true to reality.

That's why we need your help to raise $25,000

We’ve hit a big milestone, we’re making big changes, and that calls for big support. As part of this campaign, we’re asking for major gifts. These are sizable donations that will endow programs and ensure their stability in the coming years. Anyone who makes a major gift as part of this campaign will be listed as an anchor celebrant of our fifth birthday. If you know of an individual or organization looking to support creatives through a memorial endowment or sponsorship, please connect us!

Smaller donations are always welcome. We have a variety of swag available as thank you gifts for donations. From notebooks and totes to pins and tees, don’t miss out on your chance! The swag is only available during the campaign launch.

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