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Announcing the 2023 Contest Finalists

Here at the Dream Foundry, we’re always amazed by the level of talent both new and emerging. This year was no exception. We had an amazing turn out with submissions from all around the globe to both contests. 

Our finalists were chosen by Julia Rios and Dante Luiz for the writing and art contests respectively. The finalists’ entries have been sent to writing contest judges John Wiswell and Suzan Palumbo, and art contest judges Sloane Hong and Solomon Enos, who will pick our three winners.

Each of the winners will receive a cash prize, but all the finalists will get their choice of seats at Flights of Foundry 2024’s workshops and limited seating sessions. 

Writing Contest Art Contest
  • Fatima Abdullahi
  • Jessica Andrewatha
  • Zary Fekete
  • Ariel Finkle
  • Mallika Kamat
  • Toshiya Kamei
  • Felicia Martínez
  • Albert Nkereuwem
  • Alexia Tolas
  • Alan Mark Tong
  • Ahmed Asi
  • BraveBurattino
  • chocokkyo
  • Alieha Dryden
  • Galtenoble
  • ©Jin
  • MarMar
  • Mocarro
  • ReYtzin
  • Larissa Usuki

Congratulations to all our finalists! The winners will be announced soon so keep an eye on this space!