Announcing the 2022 Dream Foundry Contest Winners

Happy December, everyone! It’s time to announce of Dream Foundry Contest winners! Every year we are extremely pleased to see so many creatives come out to participate. It’s clear the current wave of emerging creatives are poised to push the field into new levels of excellence and it’s a great privilege to be able to reward some of that effort. Without further rambling, our winners!

Writing Contest Art Contest
1st Place – Audrey Obuobisa-Darko
2nd Place –  Takim WIlliams
3rd Place – Davida Kilgore
1st Place, Monu Bose Prize for Art Eryk Souza
2nd PlaceDaniela Ivanova
3rd PlaceElemei


In addition to their cash prizes, all of the winners will be offered special showcases at Flights of Foundry 2023, and their choice of the convention’s workshop and limited seating sessions. Congratulations to the winners! We’ve had a very competitive year and we’re proud to showcase these winners. And a BIG thank you to everyone who participated. Another massive thanks to contest coordinators Julia Rios and Dante Luiz and contest judges L.D. Lewis, Sarah Gailey, Mateus Manhanini and Daniela Viçoso.