Announcing the 2022 Dream Foundry Contest Finalists

We at the Dream Foundry are always pleased to round out the second half of the year with our Emerging Writer and Artist Contests. This is always a deeply heartening part of the year, as we get to see the sheer quality of work that is out there in the speculative arts and especially those who are new and emerging. Finalists this year were chosen by Julia Rios and Dante Luiz for the writing and art contests respectively and passed along to judges writing contest judges L.D. Lewis and Sarah Gailey, and art contest judges Mateus Manhanini and Daniela Viçoso.

Contest winners will be announced in December, and all finalists have been given priority, pre-lottery seating to workshops at Flights of Foundry 2023.


Writing Contest Art Contest
• Ry Rosenhirsch
• Katlina Sommerberg
• Angela Acosta
• Nico Montoya
• Davida Kilgore
• Audrey Obuobisa-Darko
• Sarah Ang
• Laura Chilibeck
• Takim WIlliams
• Georgie Morvis
Eryk Souza
Serene Illustrations
Albokhari Mohamed Tahir Bashir
Daniela Ivanova
Winter Ross
Jeff Stirling
• Larissa Usuki
• Clare Reid


A big congratulations to all our finalists!