7 Health and Wellbeing Tips for Creatives

1. Keep your workspace tidy

Our workspaces will become messy at some point (a lot of us spend the majority of our day there). Research has found that mess can create stress and clutter can even stifle creativity! I’ve found that this can also include digital clutter, consider closing some tabs by bookmarking them for later. This can help you focus on one task at a time.

2. Stay Hydrated!

Fill your cup or bottle with water before you get to work. Many creatives then find that the use of apps or alarms for reminders are helpful, it doesn’t have to be any more than every hour or two to be effective! One app that I’ve seen be fun and helpful to creative and geeky types is Plant Nanny.

3. “Eat like an artist” – Health Promotion Programs

Did you know that “Eat like an artist” gets used to encourage people to eat a variety of foods? I know a lot of artists who would find that to be absolutely laughable! The point is though, make sure that your food is naturally colorful. Different colors signify didn’t nutrients!

Once you’ve got your snacks, portion them out like a palette. Put a small amount next to you if you like to snack while you work. Some people like nuts, boiled eggs, hummus and veggies, fruit, or even roasted veggies like broccoli for a savory bite.

4. Take short breaks to move your body

Your body will thank you once you come out of your creative trance, you can again use an alarm or use getting up to go to the bathroom as a prompt. Stretch your hands and neck every other hour, maybe do a couple of squats before sitting back down in your chair or even do chair exercises once back at your work space. In Geek Girl Strong’s “Wellness for Geeks Who Sit” workshop we sit down and stand up ten times to get in some “chair squats”!

Additionally, you can go on walking meetings, or go on a walk during your phone calls!

5. Practice breathing/mindfulness exercises

Just checking in with your breath can help you check in with the rest of your body, this may get you to drop your shoulders, take that sip of water, or even notice that you’ve been squinting at your screen.

6. Give your eye a break

On that squinting note, if you create on screens consider not looking at more screens during your down time.

7. Check in with your posture

I’ve worked with many creatives who sit curled up on their couch for the entire day only to finally unfurl and realize that they have made a terrible mistake.

Instead, put the screen at (close to) eye level so that your head isn’t hanging over for long periods of time straining your neck and upper back. You can do this by putting books underneath a computer screen/laptop or ensure that you have a work easel appropriately sized for your needs.


Remember, health/lifestyle changes are most successful when we make small changes over time. So rather than trying to overhaul everything you’re doing right now, consider choosing one item from this list to focus on. When that feels easy to accomplish, choose another to add on! Consistency over time makes the biggest impact on our wellbeing. Now go take care of yourself, so that we can enjoy your work for years to come!

Robyn Warren, M.S. Ed.

Robyn Warren, M.S. Ed. (B.S. in Physical Education, M.S. Ed. in Health Education, NY State certified teacher, Accredited Xpert Pole Instructor, and ACE certified Health Coach) is the founder of Geek Girl Strong (GGS) a wellness community for those seeking a fun and inclusive holistic health coaching experience. GGS clients and classes include folks who are beginning their wellness journey or are just in need of a supportive boost, and have a common interest in all things geeky.