Contest Finals and Winners

The finalists for the Art Contest are:

  • Zara Alfonso
  • Deanna Bach
  • Lauren Blake
  • Kae Hunter
  • Alison Johnstun
  • Emily Leung
  • Greer Nielsen
  • Christine Rhee
  • James Russell
  • Abbi Schellhase

The finalists for the Writing Contest are:

  • S Rain Lawrence
  • Douglas Wu
  • Steven Berger
  • Jamie Adams
  • Sam Tovey
  • Tiffany Smith
  • Andrew J. Savage
  • Rose Wachowski
  • Samantha Lynne Sargent
  • Claire Whitmore

And the winners are:


  1. Alison Johnstun
  2. Christine Rhee
  3. Lauren Blake

Honorable Mentions: Zara Alfonso, Emily Leung, James Russell


  1. Jamie Adams
  2. Claire Whitmore
  3. Rose Wachowski

Honorable Mention: Lynne Sargent

First place winners from both contests win $500, and all winners are getting critiques from professionals in their fields.

Congratulations to all the finalists and winners!

Langley Hyde
Content Manager at Dream Foundry | Website

Langley Hyde’s short stories have appeared in If This Goes On, Unidentified Objects (vol. 6 &7), Podcastle, and Terraform. Her debut novel, Highfell Grimoires, was named a Best Book of 2014 in SF/Fantasy/Horror by Publishers Weekly. She also volunteers her time at sub-Q magazine. Currently, Langley Hyde lives in the Pacific Northwest along with her partner and two children.