Dream Foundry Kickstarter

Dream foundry Kickstarter is running April 8th to May 7th.

The Dream Foundry Kickstarter is live!  Come fund us to keep us doing what we’re doing. Push us to our stretch goals for things far cooler. Things like more art, a prettier website, compensation for the folks who work for us. Oh, and AN EARLY TEST RUN OF THE CONTEST.

Interested?  Learn more at our Kickstarter page, and pledge your support if you can!

Who Are We?

The Dream Foundry is an organization dedicated to helping new professionals in the speculative genres.

You can learn more about us in our vision statement.


News and Updates from Dream Foundry

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We’re On Kickstarter!

Let’s be really straightforward and put the main point up front: FUND OUR KICKSTARTER. Give us your money and we’ll turn it into awesome things. Period. End. Point made. There’s more to it than that, Read more…